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 Brief History of Addison Township Fire Department

- In 1949 the Village of Leonard built a fire hall, and on November 27, 1949 the township 
  organized it's fire department with Robert McCallum as it's first Fire Chief.

- A GMC Model FC-454 with a special fire-fighting body and equipment was the department's 
  first truck.

- Our first ambulance was purchased in the late 50's, which led us into medical transports.

- Station #2 was built at 1442 Rochester Rd. in Lakeville in 1987

- in the 1980's the fire department went to the public for a millage separate from the 
  Townships general fund, this has given us a great advantage in projecting future

- The 1st full time employee was Chief George Spencer in 1998

- Station #1 was built at 4026 Forest St. Leonard in 2004 (this replace our original station)
   Past Addison Fire Chiefs

1949-1955  Robert McCallum:
1st Fire Chief - started Addison Twp. Fire Department

1956-1958  Elmer Powell:
Started a cadet program and purchased the 1st ambulance

1958-1956  Edward Porter

1966-1967  John Hawk

1967-1970  Edward Porter

1970-1970  Ramon Bundy:
Purchased first grass rig

1971-1972  John Sutherby

1972-1978   Charles Hamilton:
Purchased 1973 GMC pumper and 1974 GMC pumper

1979-1983  Jim Ostrander:  
Purchased new ambulance

1983-1987  WIlliam Wagner: 
Built St#2 in Lakeville, purchase new ambulance

1987-1990  D.L. Sellers:
Implemented Fire I and Fire II training program. Purchased 1987 tanker, brought department into the digital age.

1990-1994  Robert Schulz: 
Purchased 1993 squad and 1991 Darley Engine

1994-1995  David Powell

1995-1998  Kenneth Coon:
Purchased 1998 Pierce Engine, water rescue boat. and implemented a Dive team.

1998-2009  George Spencer:
Built St#1 in Leonard, initiated ALS transport, and was the first full time employee

2009-current  Jerry Morawski: 
Received over $360,000 in grant money, created a  Master plan which outlines our current operational tasks as well as the requirements for development, training
and growth necessary to meet the challenges for the future. Purchased 2                 ambulances, technical rescue trailer, and command car. Continued streamlining
of our emergency medical operations.